I Hold No Grudge Against Boroffice-Oke


A governorship aspirant under the auspices of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state, Mr. Olusola Oke, SAN says he has nothing against the Senate deputy majority leader, senator Ajayi Boroffice.

Olusola Oke made this disclosure in a statement signed by Mr. Rotimi Ogunleye, his media, in reaction to a statement earlier released by a ‘faceless’ group, alleging that senator Boroffice is plotting against the candidacy of Oke.

Olusola Oke in the statement said the Unity Mandate Agenda is unknown to his campaign organization, while adding that he holds Boroffice in high esteem as a respected leader in the Party.

Below is the statement Unedited:

Our attention has been drawn to a publication sponsored by Unity Mandate Agenda, a fictitious group that exists only in the electronic gadgets of some fifth columnists in Ondo political space.

Though we have been notified about the devilish activities of this electronic group but just about the time we set out on the trail of these agents of lies, we read in the print another publication signed by one Bisola Babatope, one of the cloned names behind this non-existing group. In the said publication, the group, falsely alleged that Senator Ajayi Boroffice, a distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was involved in APC membership registration to stop Chief Oke from winning the APC primary coming up in July 20, 2020.

The allegation as contained in the publication is nothing but tissues of lies from a few errand boys who are loyal to an imaginary governorship aspirant in APC. We view the latest attempt by these felons and merchants of lies as wicked motive driven by personal agenda. We are not surprise that they can go this far, we know that their major weapon is the boldness of their ignorance.

Enamoured by their ignorance, it is unfortunate that these “boys” and their imaginary aspirant are daily seeking an avenue to promote disharmony among the leadership of Ondo APC Unity Forum. Their latest antics is to hide their divisive pranks under a pseudo name so as to create enmity between Chief Olusola Oke, SAN and Senator Ajayi Boroffice.

Chief Oke holds senator Boroffice in high esteem and will never be part of anything that will bring disrepute to the name of the distinguished senator either by any individual or group. Chief Oke will continue to consult and accord Senator Boroffice the honour and respect as one of the leaders of APC in Ondo state. This he, Chief Oke has been doing and shall continue to do.

Therefore, the public is hereby informed that Chief Oke and his campaign organization do not know any group by the name Unity Mandate Agenda and hereby advise the public to disregard the publication as another wicked lie and outright falsehood peddled by the hangers-on around these few individuals loyal to one imaginary gubernatorial aspirant.

Let it be known to these agents of distabilisation that the Unity Forum is an indivisible forum that minor disagreement and their divisive publications can never tear apart.

Rotimi Ogunleye
Media Aide to Chief Olusola Oke, SAN


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