Hired commercial bus drivers in Enugu refuse to carry electoral materials over nonpayment


Some chartered commercial bus drivers in Enugu South Local Government Area refused to carry electoral materials because the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not pay them upfront for their services.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) monitoring the exercise at the INEC office at the New Gariki, Enugu North LGA, on Saturday, reports that the buses refused to move out until they were paid.

Mr Michael Agugu, a bus driver, said that they would not carry the materials because INEC had not paid them their money.

“Although they said that they have given one of our members the money to share us but up till now, we have not received the money” Agugu said.

“I am not going to carry any materials if I am not paid at hand because anything that happened at Election Day is part of the election.”

Mr Moses Ugwu, another commercial bus driver, said that this was not his first day of conveying electoral materials to various polling stations, adding that once they did not pay you at hand, nobody would listen to you after the elections.

“Once you leave here without your money at hand, consider the money as a forgotten issue

“I rather leave the promises with my vehicle than put water in an empty basket,” Agugu said.

After a heated argument, an INEC official, who pleaded anonymity, said the commission transferred their money to the, but some insisted that they must receive alert before they leave.

”There’s no cash anywhere. Money was transferred to all of them,” the official said.

He said that some believed them and decided to carry the materials while some left there in anger.

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