Edo 2020: Obaseki creates PDP women wing campaign council


▪︎Betsy Obaseki chairs inaugural meeting

Ahead of the September 19 Governorship election in Edo State, Edo state Governor, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki has created a women wing of the PDP Campaign Council.

The inaugural meeting of the Women Wing of the PDP Campaign Council was chaired by Her Excellency Betsy Obaseki supported by PDP Board of Trustees members, former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Mrs Stella Onu, and former Minister of Women Affairs, Iyom Josephine Anenih.

Addressing the members of the Council, the First Lady of Edo state urged women to rise up as things are now different and politics in Nigeria is changing. She said when she gathers or in the midst of women she is not just interested in politics rather her interest is in how politics will deliver to Nigerians the results desired from politics.

“Some People play politics for their personal gains, they think only of their stomachs, only of themselves. Politics is changing in Nigeria weather we like it or not. The decent and patriotic ones are more in numbers. Those supporting good governance and this government are more in number, they just happen to be decent.”

For the PDP BOT members, Godwin Obaseki is a treasure that must be preserved at all cost. Professor Mrs Stella Onu, a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while addressing the women urged the women to forget about those who will want to lure them with money and think about the future of their children.

“What I want to say now is that, forget about those who will be bringing tons and tons of money to say if you follow us, vote for us, we will do you this. Even if they give you all the money in this world because God has designed this victory for Obaseki, their money will be nothing. So I want to appeal to all of us here, we know we all love money, integrity pays.

Another PDP BOT member and former Minister of Women Affairs Iyom Josephine Anenih said in all her twenty years in politics Godwin Obaseki is the first Governor she has seen who was sworn-in into office with a plan on what he was set out to do.

She said “when he came, he came with a plan. He had a detailed plan broken down year by year, and he has only done four years out of the eight years plan and we can all see the evidence. He still has four more years to go and things he hasn’t done. He is the first Governor I have seen that was sworn-in with a plan in the entire Nigeria.

The Deputy National Woman Leader of the PDP Hajia Hadizat Umoru, admonished the women on the need for a patriotic Spirit. She urged the women to “make this project a reality. Let us believe that we have come to secure Edo State. We have come to make Edo State the Heartbeat of Nigeria that originally God said it is. Which ever way we look at it, Godwin Obaseki has worked.

The State Woman leader of the PDP Deaconess Lindsey Tes-Sorae, admonished the women against being used by politicians as a mole. She said “don’t bring any shame by being a mole, playing a little to the left a little to the right, we will not tolerate it. It is not a threat.

Other sub units of the PDP women wing campaign Council include the Senatorial, Local Governments, Wards and Unit levels.

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