*We are at war, all politics must be set aside
The Chairman, Deputy Chairman and State Publicity Secretary,  Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Edo State, today hosted a press conference at the State Secretariat in Benin City.
The press conference was held in accordance with the social distancing policy of not more than twenty  (20) persons, we had 14, and was an opportunity for the state chairman, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi to bare his mind and position of the party on the ineffective, non-strategic plans and actions of EDSG regarding the  Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world, with Nigeria and Edo State in particular in the line of fire.
The chairman lamented the rising rate of positive tests in Edo and the fatalities we have had. He revealed that Edo PDP has keenly scrutinized the response of the state government towards the Covid-19 pandemic and that because of the seriousness of the threat to lives of Edo People, the party will not go into blame-game!
He however, as a key stakeholder in the existence, survival and future of our dear state, and after monitoring of the state government’s response to the coved-19 pandemic, the only word he could find appropriate to describe EDSG response, was Knee-Jerk! This he concluded was scary, judging from the proximity of Edo State to communities severely affected such as Lagos, Abuja and even Italy, Spain and UK!
He commented on the weak testing capacity of the state that needs improvement and provision of adequate Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, for Heath workers and simple things such as face masks and hand gloves for citizens, to guide against infection. Hazard allowance must be paid and promptly too for our health and medical professionals. He concluded!
The primary purpose of Government is welfare of its citizens. There is no higher calling of any government than the health of its citizens.
To mitigate the failings  of EDSG, he suggested and demanded the immediate implementation of :
1. Undertake massive testing of citizens for Covid-19
2. Strengthen the process of Isolation of persons who have tested positive for the virus.
3. Improve drastically on Contact tracing
4. Develop a comprehensive treatment process and protocol.
5. The stay home policy must be strengthened and backed with Palliatives for the most vulnerable.
Dr Tony Aziegbemi appealed to all sons and daughters of the state both home and abroad to come together to fight the pandemic. Government alone he confessed cannot win the battle.
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