COVID-19: NGF DG Okauru, family in self-isolation


The Director General of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Asishana Okauru, has gone into self-isolation along with members of his household.
In a statement, Okauru said the decision follows his exposure to Bauch state Governor Bala Mohammed who has tested positive to COVID-19.
He states: “I wish to inform the general public that my wife together with my entire household will be proceeding on self-isolation.
“We are taking this action following my exposure to His Excellency, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State who today (March 24, 2020) announced the positive outcome of his test for COVID-19.
“I attended different meetings of the  Nigeria Governors’ Forum and the Nigerian Economic Council last week, which were also attended by the Bauchi State Governor.
“Consequently, my wife and I would be undergoing COVID-19 testing this week.
“All of the organizations to which my wife is affiliated have already begun ‘Work from Home’ in line with earlier Government directive.
“In fact, through DAGOMO Foundation Nigeria Ltd/GTE, and in her personal capacity, my wife was already in the forefront of raising awareness around COVID-19.
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She will continue to do same.
“All members of NGF secretariat that were exposed will be observing self isolation. We encourage all those who were invited to the NGF meetings for presentations to also do same.
“By our actions, we hope to encourage others who are exposed and not sure of their status to undergo self-isolation and make themselves available for the test, where applicable.
“At the NGF meetings held, all necessary precautions as advised by the NCDC were taken, but we cannot make any assumptions about our status. We will self-isolate and take the stringent measures possible to protect the general public.
Coronavirus is real. Please follow all NCDC guidelines for COVID-19 and Stay at Home unless you provide essential services.”

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