Court reinstates Adagunodo, Osun PDP chair

By Richard Akintade, Osogbo
The embattled State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Osun State Chapter, Hon. Adagunodo, on Friday resumed work at the State Secretariat of the party, KM3, Ikirun Road, BIKET Hospital Junction, Ota-Efun, Osogbo.
The party Secretariat went agog for Adagunodo as his supporters, mainly youths milled around the recently reinstated Chairman of the party, chanting the slogan of the party in wild jubilation.
Hon. Adagunodo who granted a brief interview to waiting media men shortly after resuming office said he had come back to make sure that the party was well positioned for a greater task of winning the 2022 governorship election in the state.
When asked if he would be ready to dialogue with other stakeholders who were against his leadership, Adagunodo said people should not mistake the bickering in the party as division but mere conflict of interest which is normal in every political setting which he promised would be resolved soonest.
Adagunodo said he had been consulting leaders of the party since Tuesday when he was reinstated on how to best run the party and the modalities to adopt to move the party forward.
On the present status of the party Secretariat that was rumoured to have been bought by an educational institution, he said, the party had always been a tenant and no matter how long it stayed in a rented apartment, the ownership of the premises would always determine whether the party would maintain its tenancy there or not.
That decision to stay or leave depended on the decision of both parties, he said.
He however, said “consultation is ongoing earnestly on what to do about the tenancy since Educational institutions and Political Parties relationship in terms of operations would be considered and if we meet the  new owners and we can come to terms  the party will remain and if otherwise, they Party will definitely find an alternative accommodation immediately.”
Adagunodo therefore assured the public that all his State Working Committee and the State Executive members were together, explaining that “there was never a time that they had quarrel among themselves.”
When asked further what he would do if the executives disagreed with his leadership, Adagunodo said there would be no need for that, assuring that all Executive members would comply with the order of the Court because when he was told to step aside on 30th April, 2020, about 7 months ago, he complied fully until all internal mechanism had been exhausted before he finally headed to court as stipulated by the party’s constitution, which led to the order of the court that reinstated him.
He said they all played mature politics as stakeholders throughout the period of the imbroglio because their position restrained them from taking sides,” he retorted.
 He said PDP leaders and executive members were peace-loving people, which reflected in his total submission to all the orders given to him from the national headquarters of the party,” he concluded.
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