Group says repatriation of Almajirai is unconstitutional


The ongoing repatriation of Almajirais by some states in Northern Nigeria has been described as unconstitutional and misconceived.

Addressing a press conference in Maiduguri on Friday, a group of Concerned Almajirais, said: “The repatriation of the Almajirais and the manner in which they were embarrassed and humiliated is against the constitutional right of every Nigerian.

“Therefore that act of repatriation alone is a display of inhumanity in the blood of Northern Governors who were involved in the act.

“The act is not in kind with the Islamic principles which enjoin someone who is in a place that is affected by a plague not to leave (to prevent the spread of the plague) and someone outside the affected area not to enter the area (also to prevent him from contacting the plague).”

The group lamented that Almajirci system has been misconstrued to mean street begging, child labour, child neglect, among other societal social and moral ills.

They insisted that the system, which denotes a process of migration of an individual or group of individuals from one place to another in search of the knowledge of Holy Quran, is a formal system of knowledge seeking that has been in existence and practiced in Northern Nigeria prior to the invasion of the colonialists.

They argued that the system has produced a whole lot of scholars whose works on different fields of study and acknowledged and honoured worldwide.

They advised that Northern Governors should accept the system as a formal system of knowledge and work at improving it and make it work for all.

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