Buhari to Governors: Don’t fix federal roads if you’ll still ask for refund

  • Muhammadu Buhari

The Federal Government has told State Governors not to fix federal roads if they will eventually demand refund for the rehabilitation.

The position of the Federal Government was made known on Tuesday by the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, when he appeared before the House of
Representatives’ Ad Hoc Committee on Abandoned Federal Government Projects (Works) from 1999 till date.

Fashola said President Muhammadu Buhari issued the directive due to the humongous amounts being claimed by the governors after repairing federal roads in their states.

He said: “The states submitted a bill of almost a trillion naira when President Buhari was elected.

“He asked us to work out what was their entitlement and all of that.

“Ultimately, the BPP (the Bureau of Public Procurement) certified about N44 billion.

“I don’t remember the exact amount now – except for two states: I think Cross River and…there’s another state.

“They didn’t have the documents at the time, which we have sent back to the President.

“But the decision to pay those inherited debts, including the ones I contracted as Governor of Lagos, was with the caveat that I should tell the governors to leave his (Buhari’s) roads alone.

“Those were the directives.

“I was not the one that took the decision.

“He said: ‘Tell them not to fix my roads again if they’re going to claim compensation. If you want to fix it and not ask for compensation, send me what you want to do. But if you want compensation, go and mind your business while I mind my business because I have inherited enough debts!’”


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