Buhari seeks NASS’ approval to pay N148.141bn to five states


President Muhammadu Buhari has sent a letter to the National Assembly requesting approval to pay N148.141.969.161 lbillion to five States.

The sum is reimbursement for repair works on Federal roads in the state.

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved the payment.

According to the letter read by House Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila, “Rivers is to get the bulk of the reimbursement with N78.953.067.518 29 bn.”

Others are: Bayelsa N38,404,564.783.40 bn; Cross River N18.394,732.608 85bn; Ondo N7.822.147 577.08bn and Osun N4.567.456.673 63bn.)

The President’s letter was titled: “Request for resolution of the National Assembly for approval of the reimbursement of N148.141bn through the issuance of promissory notes to Bayelsa, Cross River, Ondo, Osun and Rivers State governments for federal roads projects executed by the states.”

The letter reads: “The House of Representatives may wish to be informed that the Federal Executive Council, FEC at its meeting of June 3rd 2020 approved the reimbursement of N148,141.969.161.24 through the issuance of Promissory Notes to the Bayelsa, Cross River, Ondo, Osun and Rivers State Governments for federal road projects executed by the States.

“The Extract from the Conclusion of the meeting referenced EC 11(2020) 4 is attached as Appendix~1.

“The approval by FEC was subsequent to the recommendation of an Inter-Ministerial Committee which reviewed the requests for reimbursement made by the State Governments for the projects.

“The Committee reviewed the documents submitted and carried out physical inspection and verification of the projects in the respective States before making its recommendation to FEC.

“The summary of the amounts approved for each of the five (5) States as stated in the table below:

1. Bayelsa State 38,404,564.783.40

2. Cross River State 18.394,732.608 85

3 Ondo State 7.822.147 577.08

4 Osun State 4.567.456.673 63

5 Rivers State 78.953.067.518 29

TOTAL 148.141.969.161 24 3

“In view of the foregoing, I wish to request the House of Representatives to kindly approve through its Resolution, the request for the reimbursement of the total sum of N14314196916124 through the issuance of Promissory Notes to the five (5) aforementioned State Governments for the Federal Road Projects executed on behalf of the Federal Government, as detailed in Paragraph 2 above.

“The Honourable Minister of Finance. Budget and National Planning shall provide any information that may be required by National Assembly in its consideration of this request.” (TNG)

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