Barr Osarodion Ogie: The quintessential public officer with a heart of gold, By Chief Owen Chamberlain Obaseki


When Shakespeare said there is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face, he may have only been partially right. Sometimes, physiognomy does not belie potential. They work in synchrony. This is what I have come to see in the life of a man so well spoken of.

Barr Osarodion Ogie is a man with very stable emotions. That internal stability displays in his outward appearance although many may read it as sternness. Perpetually in work mode, laconic and taciturn in speech, the dependable secretary to the Edo State government exudes all the trappings of a manager plenipotentiary.

Unrepentantly studious, armed with a pen and paper always, Barrister Ogie cuts the picture of a Boston legal, a Hopkins medical and a Silicon Valley techie. Rolled into one in this beloved son of the Edo dynasty is a rugged spirit that never says die, an undercurrent of deep thinking, an unflinching underpinning of loyalty and, many may find this unbelievable, a heart that truly cares about others. To discover the immediate later, you have to get closer.

Tales abound of his goodwill. Tales of his empowerment. Tales of his philanthropy. Tales of his benevolence. And these are not tales by moonlight, crafted from the mythic lips of paid praise singers. Nay! These are verifiable tales of a man whose heart has weaved into our fabric of suffering humanity the golden threads of love and human kindness. I know because I too have encountered him. Twice on official matters, I have had the privilege of experiencing his seamless administrative acumen displayed without procrastination, delays or frivolities.

Barrister Osariodion Ogie, Secretary to the Edo State Government, comes highly recommended and commendable. We are indeed honoured to have his services in our state and the entire nation and the world will yet hear more about this intellectual magnate of magnum proportions.

I salute you sir.

Towering Regards,

▪Chief Owen Chamberlain Obaseki, JP
Otaifoh of Uromi

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