APM Terminals supports United Nations with N75m to fight COVID-19 in Nigeria


APM Terminals Nigeria has contributed 75 million Naira (USD 200,000) towards the United Nations in Nigeria basket fund that aims to mobilise resources to boost the effort of the government in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

In coordination with the government, the UN is mobilising funds that will ensure adequate essential health equipment needed for testing, quarantine and medical care, including equipping of temporary hospitals/quarantine centers and designated emergency centers.

“The UN system in Nigeria will support and complement Government’s efforts to immediately set up a national response fund that will serve as a single national platform and financing framework, coordinating partnerships and mobilizing resources that can make an effective impact on the ground,” noted, Edward Kallon, the UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria.

As part of the private sector support in addressing COVID19, the APM Terminals’ support will enhance the UN support to the country’s preparedness and provision of healthcare support to those afflicted by virus. The contribution will go towards increasing acquisition of ventilators, and other lifesaving hospital apparatus that are urgently needed to aid the healthcare response towards the COVID19 pandemic.

“No one is immune nor invulnerable from this disease. We urge all to adhere to the guidance from government in order to curb the spread of this pandemic. In this time of need, APM Terminals is honored to discharge its duty to the nation.  The wellbeing of our community remains of paramount importance to us. Through our contribution to the UN basket fund, we will play our part in strengthening the country’s capacity to respond,” said, Mohammed A. Ahmed, Managing Director – APM Terminals Nigeria.

Nigeria is among the 34 African countries that have currently recorded cases of the coronavirus.

According to the Nigeria CDC, as of 25 March, 2020, there were 51 confirmed cases; 2 discharged and 1 death.

The Federal Government and states continue to roll out increasingly robust measures to halt the spread and to contain the pandemic.

(Podium Media)

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