Afenmai stakeholders condemn harassment of Akerele, illegal search of residence

A group of Afenmai stakeholders has condemned the harassment of former Chief of Staff to Edo State Governor, Conrade Taiwo Akerele.
The group also denounced the illegal search of his residence in Benin.
The group, in a statement signed by the spokesperson, Prince Ayo Olowojoba, said the former Chief of Staff was a distinguished son of Afenmai land and, as his kinsmen, they were satisfied with the records of his service to Edo State and the nation.
The group said that following his resignation from the government of Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Akerele had been subjected to all manner of intimidation and harassment, including an illegal search of his residence without a warrant.
It  also condemned the inability of the state government to allow Akerele to take a deserved rest after his resignation as expressed in his letter to the governor.
The group declared they would hold the state government responsible if any untoward occurrence happened to the former Chief of Staff after parting ways with the government on the basis of principles
The group assured Akerele of the support of his kinsmen at all times in his future endeavours.
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