AEDC Salutes Health Professional on World Health Day


Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has said that the celebration of medical professionals and recognition accorded on the occasion of the 2020 World Health Day could not have come at a more auspicious time when they are at the frontline of the fiece battle humanity is waging against the dreaded novel coronavirus (COVID 19). 7th April has been set aside by the WHO for celebration of the World Health Day globally.

AEDC’s position is contained in a press statement it issued on the occasion of the 2020 World Health Day wherein it saluted the efforts of all medical professionals such nurses, doctors, midwives and other, support staff for their sacrifice at this trying time of the coronavirus pandemic. “As a service provider, we recognise the enormity of the challenge you face in dealing with the greatest wealth of mankind, which is his health. Medical professionals are the ones gifted with the knowledge to help mankind return back to his feet when his health is threatened or it fails. Your tribe has helped mankind to defeat various enemies that have threatened its health. We are hopeful that in the case of the COVID 19, mankind will triumph through your priceless sacrifice and by the grace of God.” said AEDC. General Manager, Corporate Communications, Oyebode Fadipe

The Company further stated that as part of its support for the fight against the coronavirus and the medical professionals, it is providing electricity for the COVID 19 isolation centres in Abuja “because we know that through such gesture, we are able to support the effort of medical professionals to save life, restore health and bring joy to those who face the risk of losing their health”.

The Company called on its customers to support the medical professionals by adhering strictly to all the medical advisories such as staying home, respect for social distancing, use of hand sanitisers, washing of hands with soap under a running water, use of face mask, avoidance of crowded places, keeping our hands away from our eyes, nose and mouth when they are dirty that have been given as these are the only known defender against the virus.

“We must all remember that medical professionals as frontline soldiers are also humans who are susceptible to the attack of the virus. The only way we can shield them from the attack of the virus is to stay safe and reduce the pressure they also face from those of us who may want to treat the coronavirus with disdain.

“On our part, we take these advisories very seriously hence we have strengthened our customer contact centre for their use. We have also strengthened our online payment platforms to enable our prepaid and post paid customers settle their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes. Without doubt, Nigeria, as well as the entire world, will come out of this pandemic stronger and better than ever” Fadipe added


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