Interview: It is wrong to reintegrate Boko Haram without an end to the war- Prof. Khalifa Dikwa


Prof Khalifa Dikwa is an analyst, global ambassador of youth, a scholar in national and international affairs, security and intelligence, Dean, Borno Elder Forum and media consultant. Recently he granted interview to some selected journalists and proffered solutions to many problems affecting the Nation, especially Boko Haram insurgency, Bode Olushegun was there for THE CONCLAVE. Excerpts

Can the people know who Prof. Khalifa Dikwa is?

I am a political analyst, a multi-linguist, I speak and teach French, English, Arabic and Kanuri. I also teach intelligence, in the mid-1980s I started writing for the state magazine, Mobilizer. I am an advocate of modified welfarism in governance. I do not like the idea of the imported democracy without respecting the values of the people themselves. Each community should have its own traditional values, all of us from different cultures can have a middle point where we all agree before talking of the universal thing. We can always have a scenario in which your money should not be the criteria for judging who you are, where the people respect your real value and one is not appraised in terms of materials. This is what can make us thrive as a nation, when people become what they are not because of money. Until we go back and please humanity above material things we are not going to get to anywhere. That is the problem we have been having with politicians, instead of politicians to do better than the military, they have not been able to do anything. Mind you all the states, all the 774 local governments were created with the military fiat, that the politicians love to criticize because at that time anything that has national flair was done with a fiat, but politicians today would derail it or would argue against it in the Assembly. Imagine everything that is good for us we have to make a new law as if Nigeria has no law of its own, as if we were just beginning, why not build on the good things our previous fathers did from the First Republic, why are we doing new things, why do we need to have new laws for something that is good, why are we copying certain laws that are fighting the laws of God. For instance, God said in order to stop the mindset of revenge killers at our fingertips must be killed so that no one will think of taking revenge, this was fought by the outer world thinking that killing would not help has created more problems and this is against the law of God in the scriptures of the two major religions. Laws like the one for the gays and homosexuals, are deliberately done to invite the anger and the wrath of God and nobody challenges them. Imagine the big pharmaceutical companies giving a new name to an ordinary disease, giving it a name that is frightening and quick to say there is no cure for it. And that the cure will come in six months or in a year, in which case in the scriptures every disease has a cure within the environment and not even far off. They compromise people in order to tell a big lie which is carried by the media. If you are to tell the truth all over, the media would be asked not to carry your story but look at our democracy and the freedom of speech are more respected in the West and in America than in Africa, when you say the truth in America you are free, the media will carry it but if you say the same truth in Africa, the African governments themselves will go after you in order to please the Western world, how independent are we in Africa? How can we be independent when we are economically dependent, how can we be independent when we cannot trade in Africa among our own brothers before trading with the outer world. Imagine we could have asked Mr. President not to attend the Kigali meeting of Intra-Africa Trade Commission, Nigeria ought to have been there even if it did not agree, but somebody along the line prevented Mr. President from attending the Kigali meeting. Look at the decision back and forth on the monetary policy in the continent, move here to Ghana there is another currency, you move to Gambia there is another currency, more than 50 currencies on the continent, whereas we should have had one currency per region. One in the West, one in the Southern Africa, one in the East Africa, one in Central Africa, if we have like five currencies in the continent it would be easy to change and move it and attach it to Euro, Dollars, Yen. instead of attaching with dollars alone which has already exceeded it’s own period of 83 years for other currencies to come on board, the dollars is being imposed on people, people are been harassed to keep the dollars even though it is not backed by the gold that other currencies have, it is just paper, it is paper printed, this truth is being said in America and nobody is harassed but say the truth here, you are cowed, officially say it as a governor or a minister and they will go after you. Look at how they attacked because of the campaign against fake drugs, the travail that the late Dr. Dora Akunyuli went through, they wanted to eliminate her and these are people from within the country, the foot soldiers of big pharmaceutical companies. Look at what happen to anyone who say the truth, they do not survive, this things are happening in democracy and that is why we are having gymnastics all over, see how the SAN are playing at the Code of Conduct Bureau. We are having Senior Advocates with some of them not even winning a case in the upper court (the Supreme Court), they just get the title via the name that their fathers or uncles have made as Senior Advocates and because they work in their chambers. This is the reality, unless Nigerians would say okay democracy is good, let us keep the best of democracy from England, which is the oldest, add the best practice of democracy from United States, add those of Japan, Korea, China, Russia, India and then we sit down and decide which one suit democracy in Africa, where the child of nobody can rise up to become president without being a protégée of particular fellow. This is the kind of dilemma we are going through, why can’t a president in Africa pick the phone and talk directly with another president without going through the metropole, without going through Paris, London or Washington, why not direct contact. Why is it that in term of communication, the telecom companies have refused to block that lines that are not registered and are being used in insurgency areas and communications are allowed between those in the metropolis and those in the bush and those in the government talking to insurgents outside without those companies exposing them and blocking them, why are the telecommunications companies not sharing test messages of the moles within the military, police and so on. Their communications with kidnappers and so on, you only see them acting after the child of very important personalities are kidnapped, then they get to the root of the crime and release them but the reverse is the case with the ordinary man.

Sir, you said something about COVID-19, do you think it is a scam?

COVID-19, let me say has been there for the last 15 years, we are talking about coronavirus, yes it has been there. But I will like to say, the arrowhead Dr. Anthony Fauci was mentioned in the agreement between the Secretary of State then in 1979, Henry Kissinger writing a memo to the Department of Agriculture to use any food as weapon to take down people of colour and they started giving out free blanket which were patented in Centres for Disease Control now they have added Prevention. Anthony Fauci was mentioned there and that is why President Trump is seen as the problem to them, for he refused to be politically correct, he is exposing those things that used to be spoken behind closed doors, in 1977, Henry Kissinger and the President of World Bank that time says everything is about economy. But here is Trump that refuses to send the military to go and invade other countries and lay hands on their resources which is the case with establishment not minding whether the American presidency was under the Democrat or Republican. Imagine it was Hillary Clinton, she would not have been very different from the George Bush’s day in the past because they belong to the same establishment of feeling above the law or above all other races and that they are special children and damn the International Court of Justice as it cannot convict them or call them to account as they are not signatory to it, but other countries, every other persons can be taken to that court in Hague, Donald Trump is reducing the invasion and having no military in other lands invading, which is again the Geneva Convention of not invading independent countries, imagine Donald Trump is now reducing the numbers of troops. Donald Trump is saying no more American troops when Israel will just create a problem between America and other countries then, they the Israeli troops will not go any where but they will be laughing there as American troops get killed in other lands. It happened even in 1947 when Israel attacked the boat Liberty, Navy boat, and lorded it on Egypt because Egypt was the mightiest military at that time in the region in order to create a war between America and Egypt, they discovered the truth but could not call out Israel. Today, Israel is being challenged by Israelis themselves who are eager to have peace now. It is the establishment that is just acting, Israel was created by the establishment to be an eye for the establishment in the region, it is not for America nor for Europe but for individuals who create wars and sell arms and make money for their own pocket and their own companies but not in the interest of America, they dictate who becomes the Secretary of the Treasury of America, they pick somebody from the Wall Street and from the mega banks, and they equally decide for other nations. United Nations Headquarters is inside America but they do not respect it, United Nations would say don’t go, don’t invade but the establishment would compromise the leadership of the military to go and lie to the Congress, just the way they say Iraq was ready to invade America and they advised that they have to pre-empt them and they invaded Iraq in the name of weapon of mass destruction and the weapons were never found because they were not there and even then they did not apologize to the world, and they have only succeeded in destroying everything that was constructed for over 50 years in Iraq and this left insurgency all over. The same with Afghanistan, Libya. In Libya, France misled the NATO to invade Libya simply because at that time Gaddafi had at least 156 tonnes of gold to have an African currency that would make nonsense of the CFA Franc, without the CFA Franc without Africa, France would have been number 27 in Europe economically but today it is like the number 2 or 3 in Europe but France can never allow this to happen and have to invade and killed Gaddafi who even supported the emergence of Sarkosy with finances, the money he sent to help Sarkosy were not done electronically because it was traceable but they were filling bags and sending it to France. They are always working for their permanent interest. France has made sure that the former French colonies in Africa are not economically independent, they used to topple governments just like the CIA. After the thousands of leakages from Wikileaks exposing all the things in the name of diplomatic cables doing the wrong things and toppling governments each time a leader decides to work for his people. They were staging coups, but now it is difficult to stage a coup and they are sabotaging, each time there were resources in Mali and other countries, gold, diamond and so on, you see French troops there in the name of helping, G5 that they have, all the countries in West Africa excluding Nigeria. Simply because Chad is an expert in non conventional warfare, that is guerrilla warfare so they distracted Chad by being in the G5 and MNJTF. The same countries, the same troops would ensure Nigeria is not trained in the way of handling insurgency. They plant insurgency to create problems for countries with resources. Look at the same scenario all over Africa, anywhere where there is a war, check there are resources underground, check Congo right from the 1960s, just remember the first and last speeches of the late Prime Minister of Nigeria is about Congo, DR Congo and it is still at war and inside, their resources are being tapped and taken away and they could not find peace. Any country that has resources is not allowed to have peace needed for development. These truths are been said by those of us in the Academia and the Media, politicians cannot say them. Even academics now, when they are in government, they are not allowed to criticize the government they are in, that is why people that have been making noise, once they are in government they do not make noise again, you can only criticize when you are in government at council meetings but outsiders cannot hear and that is why people are not being fair to us because they do not know and as a journalists when you become the minister of Information you cannot continue to do what you were doing when you were outside. There is conspiracy all over even in the war in the Lake Chad which have over 40 million people across the borders along Lake Chad area including Central Africa which is still rich in diamond and gold, no peace there, no peace in Sierra Leone or Liberia and northern Nigeria and so on, it is just about resources. They give the problem a religious connotation but it is not about religion, look at the mono-religious countries like Somalia, Somalia has been completely devastated and they wanted the same thing in Libya, they also Somali-zed Libya and they also Somali-zed the northern Nigeria, you can see helicopters dropping things at night but even if they informed their own governments, those governments cannot call out the ambassadors to show dismay over the sabotage on their security apparatuses, these foreign countries would first go to those who the president is likely to consult with in terms of advice before tabling it to the president, so he is only going to be advised on the foreign interest. The insurgency is only a different name but the same ideology created by western intelligence, be it Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the same thing you have in Somalia where you have the El-Shabab, the same ideology, you have Boko Haram, you have ISIS. All of them, the same ideology created in the late 1970s. So, they created the same thing where you have religious problem with Iran after toppling the president of Iran in 1953, 1953 by the way is end of Korea war, splitting Korea into two, with one communist and the other pro-western. The same people, the same language, the same believe but they divided them, the same with Vietnam and so on. After 1953, they were doing it, just corrupting the moral value and so on until in 1979 when the revolution said no to them and dropped them and they went to Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, changing the education curriculum to impose an ideology that if it is not coinciding with that ideology you are seen as not a good Muslim and deserve to be completely liquidated and this is the mindset that Boko Haram still has, that Muslims were the first target and the same media, the same western media, the mainstream media will always repeat the scenario that they are not willing to have a Muslim caliphate which is not true at all. How can they form a government when they go about killing people and destroying a country? What if tomorrow by chance they join a political party who is going to elect them, who is going to vote for them. It is about destroying the infrastructure, just to make people hate their own government and the mistake of African governments not only Nigeria they rarely take care of rural areas and the border areas; are there basic things like Stadium in rural areas, like in Northern Borno for instance where sport activities are organized, where you have clean water to drink, you have electricity to connect to the internet to watch matches like are being watched in the cities, they won’t come to the cities, the rural/urban migration is caused by poverty which is avoidable in the rural areas. In the past during our generation, we did not have these things to know what were happening in the cities, but today they can see the videos and know that those in the cities are not better off than themselves. They are more annoyed that they in the rural areas are the ones feeding the cities. Eventually somebody coming to them to say let us fight and having lost everything in terms of feeding and schooling, with our own 21 years in democracy in Nigeria since 1999 till date, imagine a child of a Commissioner or Minister that are at that time seven years old and now 28 years with some of them already graduated from the universities abroad and some of those who were their neighbours are nobody roaming the streets and seeing their own fathers retired with nothing to do, with their mothers without any thing and finding it difficult to feed and this is the time to help their parents but they cannot because they have nothing as they do not have a job. They naturally will feel neglected by government, so they are susceptible to anyone engaging them and they are ready to join any group as they would have something to share. That was how intelligence was used, look at the leakage under one Snowden who used to be in the NSA, National Security Agency of America and those who are used and dumped under the CIA, in the past some of them do not know one another, when they were dropped because of no enough fund and disengaged without saying thank you and so on and they started exposing those things how they were used to take down the life of any revolutionaries, including musicians like Bob Marley, any revolutionary and leader, some of the problems they created even our own Boko Haram. Someone would be given the order of killing Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf without taking him to court and nothing happen to such persons, they are simply above the law. Mohammed Yusuf and the then Commissioner, Buju Foe were liquidated just to provoke their followers. Until justice is shown, until the same law is applied to the man in government, the opposition, the wealthy and the poor, we are not going to fix the problem. And until government officially get everyone water to drink and people in the rural areas feel a sense of belonging, the way the governor of Borno is doing. They are happy with the Governor; they do not want people to be enlighten because if they are enlightened, they will be able to choose credible people as leaders to represent them all over. They were using ignorance to remain relevance politically. Many things are presently done under the portfolios of federal government without the president knowing about it. Many things were done under Obasanjo, Yar’Adua and Jonathan and even now without the presidents knowing about them, and using the names of the presidents to do the wrong things and for their personal interest and for sometimes the foreign interests who have lobbied them. They are less than one percent, these are the people Bernie Sanders refers to as the one-percenters who are manipulating the interest and resources of the world. They do not care about the ordinary Americans whether they are black or white! They just allow people to die instead of taking care of the big diseases for the interest of mega pharmaceutical companies and mega banks. They do not care just like the World Bank and IMF giving out loans with cut throat interest rates and harassing governments not to take loans from development banks of Asia, where they hardly 3 percent interest just for administrative convenience but with World Bank even more than the capital itself. This is the kind of things, President Trump is exposing and they are not happy with him and it was just by miracle that he became president for he was not liked by either the Republican or the Democrat, the real Republican wanted the likes of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz to be president so that the establishment would have their ways to continue being above the law.

Are you saying COVID-19 was created to cause problem for someone like President Donald Trump?

Yes, it was planted, it was discussed long time ago by the Fauci and his likes, it was for the coloured people and medically targeting the coloured people like China and then accidentally America became where most people died, more than even Africa. Now the people of America and Europe are asking questions, how did it happened and by the time they get the answer through the social media and not the mainstream media, they are likely to say let us take our destiny in our hands without respecting the establishment and hence nationalism happening in Italy and all over against the one percent establishment saying people are getting killed by COVID-19 and it is make up they do not want to talk about. The virus was even done in a film was done on that basis that is why you see the progressive nature of Hollywood and they worked on that virus, people watched it many years before it happened. The virus is released to the world so that the whole world would go to them to ask for loans in order to be subservient immediately after the World War, the establishment through America and the leading countries gave money to rebuild Europe and therefore making them to be subservient to them. At that time, they were not destroyed, but joined hands to destroy them to rebuild them. The establishment, any things that does not go along with their ideologies, principles and capitalist system is seen as an enemy and must be suppressed. Just like Nelson Mandela said that some people made the mistake of thinking that their enemies should be our enemies. It is a battle of ideology and that is why China currency even as the second largest economy is not embraced just like the USSR in the past just for the growth of the capitalist system that the American themselves are not comfortable with, because it is for the empowerment of the one percent buying over the country, and giving conditions just like during Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) in Nigeria and weakening our currency, and paying and servicing loans at that time. They continue with this trend and do not give the freedom to take loan elsewhere and just deceiving people. They have access to the mainstream media and sponsor them to sell their ideas to the public, the people of America and Europe against their interest and inviting hate to America and to the people of Europe, making them susceptible to attacks and in actual fact they know not what their people are doing. But now with technology people of America and Europe are coming together with people of conscience in Africa and fighting and saying no to the establishment. That is why you see demonstrations going on all over and some of those in establishment are saying they should not have given the same education to the blacks in the ghettoes and other places. They only advocate few people to have access to quality education, just like they advocate in Africa. Who is who having the best education, thinking they will continue to enslave the majority. But things are changing with accidental presidents like Donald Trump who are not expected to be president but God miraculously bring them to power to checkmate the establishment and to give the majority of the people a sense of belonging.

What do you suggest that government should do for the IDPs to erase the memories of attacks by insurgents?

First, they should attain a ceasefire and there should be no more attacks in the name of Boko Haram. Not all attacks that are made in the name of Boko Haram is from them, some of them are doing it in the name of ISWAP, some are in the name of ISIL that is now being dislodge from the Middle East and have been used and dumped, Boko Haram, itself will get to a time that they would not be needed and would be dumped; then they will go after them and get them liquidate. The way of the CIA agents in the past, they were disengaged abruptly and they started talking for being dumped after doing the devil ‘s work, the same thing with Boko Haram, it is better for them now to say enough of this thing that we are doing against humanity and our people. Meet with government and attain peace and decide ones and for all no more war, and let them be taking to another country or another state very far from Borno and Yobe states. The basic things is what the state is doing is huge and ideally federal government should allocate funds to the frontline states like Borno, Yobe and for northern Adamawa which are suffering from this for the resources are limited. It is up to federal government to provide the basics, take care of the federal government’s projects for instance, Truck A roads, building colleges, stadia, cottage industries to engage the youth, having technology all over so that anybody crossing from another country can see, the people can see what is happening all over the country, people in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and others should see what is happening all over the country. Our military should have guns that can see at night, gun that if they cannot excel should be equal to the guns held and used by the insurgents rather than holding AK47 which cannot be fatal above 800 meters. Where is the budget going to, why is it that budget met for Defence and security, but hardly do they get 50 percent released in one installment, where is the money going to. Is it not similar to what is happening to the Niger Deltans, why is it that the government that put it as part of its agenda diversifying the economy by seeking mainly to agriculture and Agro industry suddenly something like corona came and is now taking loan and so on and the technology that should be able to fix everyone to be affordable for people to communicate, for technology with telecoms companies that take messages should be cheap, people should be able to talk for longer period but it is still expensive, are there no competition from within the telecomm companies. Why should someone asked for the handcuffing of the EFCC chairman to show that corruption is fighting back rather than inviting him to answer questions. An EFCC like this, ICPC or any anti-corruption or anti-discipline including Code of Conduct Tribunal should be made to be independent from any ministry. EFCC should be independent to prosecute, to investigate anybody including the presidency. There modus operandi should be different totally, nobody should be able to dictate to the EFCC, those who are now protected by the immunity clause should be able to be investigated prior to their leaving office, those who are alleged in the past, the cases are no longer there. We should not find instances where the Minister of Justice should take away case files from the EFCC and then enter nolle prosequi, withdraw the cases against them or no longer talking about it. There are so many cases like that. Again, the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice should be separated so that you can be an appointee as the Attorney General or Minister of Justice but the prosecution aspect should be given to anybody in the country. But to say the ministry of justice should dictate to everybody in the country, ICPC or Code of Conduct Tribunal, we are not being fair, we are not fighting corruption. Secondly, our own judicial system should adopt the French Judicial System with prima facie evidence that is by seeing, when you look at the account, if the anti-grant agency was able to see huge money and then the owner is visibly not capable of owing it, the law rather than saying you are innocent until proven guilty with prima facie instance before the eyes of everybody the alleged person should be called guilty and give the suspect the onus to prove their innocence and they can take their money back. But try to say innocence until proven guilty, but when you see someone above his/her earnings having senior advocates playing semantic gymnastics in the court, delaying cases, giving them freedom or playing tricks with the defence and so on in order not to lose the case, highest bidder sometimes end up getting judges writing two judgments or three based on who come through the defence or through the prosecution. This is the kind of thing that deny justice. I am only saying if the evidence is there people should be seen as guilty and he should be asked to say that this money belong to him and then declared innocent. When you are able to prove yourselves, innocent government should be able to tell you sorry and compensate you for the wrong accusation. Until this thing is changed even for six months we are not going to reach anywhere and that will not be good for our democracy. Instead of making noise in the media, the judiciary should be able to purge itself and the media should be able to help. Ideally, we should have overtaken the Asian tigers when we started together with Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and so on, we started the same time with Brazil and industrially look at us now, Brazil is ahead. So, Nigeria should be able to say enough of these things that is pulling us down. We continue to have people especially the old one’s cornering everything and we are not allowing our youth to be in power, even people who have being there since independent and enjoying the nation are still there. People over 70 are still around the corridor of power without allowing the youth get close and deceiving the youth calling them the future leaders, without allowing them to learn. Those that are now in the 70s and 80s were allowed to learn from politicians at that time when they were in their 20s. But now they did not replicate what was done to them in the 1950s and 1960s, they prefer to have their own children taken over after them. And technology has made it difficult now to impose their children by denying the children of nobody, they denied the downtrodden education. They better allow brains from poor family to have access to education and to become something in the country.

Government has created a safe corridor and recently push for the re-admittance of insurgents back to the community; do you feel insurgents can truly repent and won’t be threats to the communities?

Look these people are trained to hold guns and then deradicalization is in the mind, in their brain and until it is removed, if is just like the madman in the psychiatric ward, until it is properly checked by best of psychiatrist it cannot be certified safe for the society. You cannot know if they are still communicating with those in the bush, you should know they have been trained in various unconventional way of communicating and few of them can even dig a tunnel through which arms can be smuggled into any place and with just a pump action gun, they can foment troubles. It is abnormal to hold them in one place, look at Gutenamo Bay, it is highly guided and the inmates were not released immediately to the society because the war was not yet over, until ceasefire and the end of a war is attain, it risky to release them simply because you deradicalize them even if it was not their initial intention to join the group, it is fine but let them be somewhere else very far away from where they have wreaked havoc, they should be out for about two years and in two years they may have had their mindset reset, releasing them immediately even when the war is on, is like provoking the people who are still feeling the pain of lost ones. It is like instigating the people to attack the repentant insurgents, to kill them, they themselves are not safe to live back in those societies.

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