2023 election: Peter Obi defeats Tinubu, Atiku in Calabar Urban ward

Peter Obi and Wife Margaret Vote
Peter Obi and Wife Margaret Vote

The candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, is leading in the presidential election held across the Cross River State in Calabar Urban ward.

In Calabar Urban ward 1 unit 004 a suburb of the Hausa community, the presidential candidate of the Labour LP defeated the All Progressive Congress (APC), Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu with 41 votes while the APC candidate scored 29 votes.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) came third with 15 votes, AA 1 , NNPP 5 votes, ADP 1, ZLP 1, Boot party 1 vote. total number of registered voters 750 and 12 invalid votes.

In the Senatorial election, the All Progressive Congress APC candidate Asuquo Ekpeyong won with 57 votes, while the LP candidate, Daniel Asuquo, got 26 votes, Ekpo Okon of PDP had 17 votes.

Also, at ward 6 dominated by the Igbo community, the Labour LP candidate defeated his rival with 172 votes while APC got 5 votes, and PDP candidate polled 17 votes.

Ward 1 Unit 015 LP had 7 votes, APC 5 votes, PDP 2 votes. The Senatorial election, APC had 8 votes, LP 2 , PDP 2 ADC 1 , House of Representatives election APC had 8 PDP 2 votes, LP 2 ADC 1 vote.

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