Organisers say overwhelmed by citizens’ support for Abuja rally for Peter Obi

The Obi-dient rally in Abuja on Saturday.

Prof Owojecho Omoha, Director General,  of the Obi-dient Movement, Nigeria, says the movement is overwhelmed  by  the mammoth crowd witnessed at its rally in Abuja.

Omoha made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sideline of the  Obi-dient Mega  Rally held on Saturday in Abuja .

NAN reports  that supporters  of Labour Party (LP) Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, popularly known as ‘Obidients’ held rally in Abuja  marching  en masse from the Unity Fountain to City Gate in solidarity of Obi’s presidency .

“The rally in the  FCT is a microscope of the entire Nigeria and the mammoth crowd that we witnessed here today is unprecedented of any other rally that has taken place .

“This gives the indication that people from all walks of life that are in Abuja have actually taken their decision for good governance and a better Nigeria.

“Peter Obi is just the symbol of that agreement and as we move on to the flag off of campaigns across the country on Sept. 28, that is when Nigerians even at the grassroots will get to know that really, Nigerians are yearning for a change.

“This actually concretise everybody’s resolution; you must not know Peter Obi, the ideal of  which we are fighting is that of Nigeria and it belongs to all of us,” he said.

Some of them who spoke to NAN vowed to drive the “obedient” to victory come 2023 General Elections.

They said the rally was a test run of what they would be doing as campaign  begins on Sept.28.

Mr Victor Tunde, a member of the group said the support for Labour Party was a support for youths to take over the affairs of the nation to drive the desired change and development they had been crazing for.

“This massive crowd here today, shows that youths are ready ,we are ready to take over in every  area especially politically, we have our voter cards and we will use it to decide our leader ,”he said

Mrs Ngozi Uzor, a trader and supporter of the state Obidient movement, said she closed her shop to come out in solidarity of the movement, adding that market women were ready to work for obi.

“I have been a trader for some time now,  I watched how the price of a bag of rice rose from N7,500 to N16,000 and now it is N30,000 and above .

“This is too much, prices of things are so high now in the market and people are suffering; it is time we changed this for the good of the nation.”

Mr Usman Abdulahi, a teacher and a supporter of the movement said supporting Obi was natural because of the numerous plans he has for the nation.

“Nigeria is faced with many challenges from insecurity to unemployment and many other things; previous leaders have tried to solve the problems but they are still there.

“So it is high time we tried a younger person with the technological and economic know how to drive sustainable economic development in Nigeria .”

NAN reports that Peter Obi on his twitter handle wrote “From Kano, I am watching the OBIdients gathered in Abuja and exercising their Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly. I salute you all.

“I appreciate you all. God bless you all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. -PO”.

Highlights of the rally was the wedding ceremony of a couple who joined the movement as a way of showing their solidarity for Obi. (NAN)

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