How I was raped in my husband’s house -Iyabo Ojo


Popular actress and filmmaker, Iyabo Ojo, has opened up on rape ordeals she underwent as a 14 year old.

The beautiful mother of two made the revelation in her vlog, ‘Bare it all with IY’.

she disclosed that the first time she was raped, it was in her aunt’s house.

Traumatic as the experience was, she said she couldn’t tell anyone then because rape was more like a taboo, hardly spoken about.

According to her: “It’s not something I enjoy talking about, but I just feel it’s time for me to talk about it. I have been raped before. Not once,  not twice; I was raped five times. Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy.”

“The first time I was raped, I was 14. It happened in my aunty’s house. I didn’t tell anyone about it then because it was more like a taboo. I opened the door. I allowed the person come in but I didn’t know it would happen at the end of the day. When it happened, I was scared because the person in question had threatened me. He also begged me. I felt it was going to cause a whole lot of drama so I kept it to myself.

“That person kept coming back to tell me that he did it because he loved me. At a point in time, I think I actually believed that lie,” a report by TNG quoted her to have said.

Recounting her third rape experience, she said: “My third experience was orchestrated by a neighbor. We lived close to each other. My other experience was done by a friend to my first boyfriend but much older than him. I never knew he had such intentions.”

Iyabo Ojo added that her fourth rape experience happened while she was married with two kids in her husband’s house.

According to her, “the other one happened after I got married to my husband and had my kids, then we moved to Ikeja.

“I was raped by one of the armed robbers who came to our house. It is not easy to talk about rape. No matter how much you talk about it, you have to realise that it is painful, but you are not alone.”

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